2016 “Dunhuang Culture Expo” Culture Annual exhibition

The theme of 2016 “Dunhuang Culture Expo” Culture Annual exhibition is “demonstrating Silk Road spirits and promoting fusion and development”. Centering on the theme of culture demonstration, succession and communication, the exhibition shows intensive high-end and noble cultural atmosphere by combining the gem of both Chinese and western culture in the general concept, design and style.


Under three main categories of static exhibit, dynamic display and performance, this exhibition designed many sectors including static exhibits of selected cultural relics, painting and calligraphy, photographs, books, news publications and copyright business; dynamic show of intangible cultural heritage, folk, costume and cultural tourism, original design, animation and game; live experience of cultural technology and equipment; performance of film culture, stage art and music; other shows on outdoor sculpture and architecture. Over ten thousand sq.m.’s space will be used for exhibits and exhibitors of international level. By providing excellent environment, reasonable layout, and diversified carriers, we are trying to ensure that each country, area, institution and enterprise can fully display the deposits, features, situation, fruits and products of their culture, appreciate, learn and communicate comfortably with each other, and guests can enjoy their gorgeous and impressive visiting experience.