2016 “Dunhuang Culture Expo” Summit

State leaders of China and other countries along Silk Road will attend the 2016 “Dunhuang Culture Expo” Summit (forum). The theme is “exploring new ways of cultural exchange and cooperation along Silk Road countries. Chinese leaders will deliver a keynote speech, and other state leaders and international organizers will also give relative speeches, at the same time a signing ceremony of culture exchange and cooperation agreement will be held.

2016 “Dunhuang Culture Expo” Summit contains four parallel sub-forums--Ministers’ Round-table Conference, Culture Development Forum, Culture Cooperation Forum and Cultural Industry Forum.

Ministers’ Round-table Conference mainly discusses issues centered on countries and areas along silk road such as the cultural history and reality, access policy on cultural exchange, preservation of cultural heritage, cultural innovations and so on.

Culture Development Forum mainly discusses cultural and artistic exchange, cultural and media development, film production and communication, and digitization of culture along Silk Road areas.

Culture Cooperation Forum will discuss cultural tourism, cultural education, cultural technology, and urban culture along Silk Road areas, cultural industries, culture creative industry, culture and commerce, and coordinate development of culture e-commerce platforms along Silk Road areas.

 2016 “Dunhuang Culture Expo” Summit will approve Dunhuang Declaration which expresses the common wishes among countries along Silk Road to strengthen cultural dialogues between governments, promote cultural exchange and cooperation, improve collaboration of cultural trade and cultural industries, intensify cultural innovation, expand humanistic communication, and draw on respect of diversity, equality and inclusiveness of culture. In accordance with the time of peace, development, cooperation and win-win purpose, this expo will contribute to the mutual development among countries, progress in human society and peace of the world.