Private Sectors shined brightly in the Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo

Today’s Dunhuang is not just a culture town on the Silk Road, or a world cultural heritage protection project. Under the times’ theme of Chinese dream and with the guidance of the national strategy "the Belt and Road", it shows a more dazzling glow of glory.

95 foreign delegations with 569 members in total from 85 countries and 5 international organizations have been invited.66 foreign institutions, 434 foreign guests participated the forum, exhibition and performance. Meanwhile, 6 foreign dignitaries, former politicians attended the event and delivered a speech. All of these imply the uniqueness of the 2016 Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Culture Expo. Besides, that two Chinese private enterprises signed the cooperation agreement with the Thai party added a touch of bright color to the event .

With 15 years history, Muzhen Yushang Communications Co. Ltd. is a private enterprise devoting to Dunhuang culture study and related business operation. It has done the deep culture research of Silk Road, which is seen as the representative of Dunhuang Culture, for a long time and developed all kinds of professional, systematic and clustered creative cultural products and Dunhuang culture industry projects. Taking “Art·Communication·Peace” as the principle, Chinese Culture& Art International Organization Limited holds high-end international cultural exchange functions every year. It brought the Chinese traditional ink art to Rockefeller family’s hometown, attracting wide attention from the upper circle of America. The two corporations reached the tacit and signed the strategy cooperation agreement with Thai-Chinese Friendship Association in the Expo. The formal vice premier of Thailand, Mr. Korn Dabbaransi, is the chairman of the association. The both parties will establish Thai-Chinese (Dunhuang) Culture Industry Promotion Center in Thailand, developing cultural industry projects of Dunhuang Buddhist culture, which include theme parks, art exhibitions, art performances, R&D of derived products etc. They hope it can help promote and enlarge Chinese culture, especially Dunhuang culture’s influences and reputation in the world.

On the occasion of the diplomatic relation establishment between China and Thailand, Mr. Korn Dabbaransi, as the secretary to Chatichai Choonhavan (the Thai Foreign Minister of that time and later Prime Minister of the country), had been to China and witnessed the great moment in both countries’ histories. Mr. Korn had worked as the minister of Thai Industry, Energy, Science and Technology, Culture, Tourism and Health chronologically for more than 40 years. He is considered as a crackerjack politician. Since 1996, he had served as the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand for three times which made him a unique legend in Thai politics. After the end of his third term, Mr. Korn chose China the country he has deep feelings for to take the chair of Thai-Chinese Friendship Association until now.

Mr. Korn is a devout Buddhist. During the International Cultural Expo, as long as it comes to the project of introducing Dunhuang Buddhist culture into Thailand, the Buddhist kingdom, and the strategic cooperation with China, Mr. Korn would show a keen interest in it and kept describing the grand blueprint for the future of the project. Tourism is the pillar industry of Thailand and the country attracts a huge number of international tourists every year. Mr. Korn believes that the project will become a cultural tourism landmark in Thailand and appeal to numerous global travellers to visit, study and spend holiday here, and also it will be a significant milestone in the construction of “China and Thailand being the members of one family”.

China Culture Media Group, which is under the administration of Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China and one organizer of the Expo, witnessed the signature ceremony at the same time.