Liu Zhong

Liu Zhong is China’s Ambassador of Giant Panda, besides painting pandas, he is also talented in painting other animals and nature.


Shi Dachan

A Buddhist who is a poet, calligrapher and painter. His monastic name is Pusheng. He is also known as Zisong Xuanzhu (Master of the Lilac Pine Pavilion). 


Mark Cheung

Mark Cheung is a talented contemporary Chinese art master, who is not only honored as "The Godfather" in the field of fashion design in China, but also excels at Chinese ink painting, calligraphy, oil painting and sculpture.

Huang Yue

Mr. Huang Yue is the founder of flower & bird oil painting, a brand new oil painting style. He is one of the four great painters on 2014 Hurun Art rankings, all of whom are exceptional at both canvas and Chinese ink painting.

Zeng Sheng

Mr. Zeng Sheng is the founder of Dongjiang painting school and the dean of China Hakka Painting Academy.  His liberal style paintings are vigorous and firm, with innovative compositions and lingering charm and innovation.

Yu Xiaochuan

Mr. Yu Xiaochuan paints in a natural and plain style. His works are spiritedly ingenious as he values the concept of “learning from nature”. His painting works, with the ink glamour of Song dynasty, are as extensive and deep as the works in Song dynasty as well.

Wu Huan

Wu Huan, is a painter from Hong Kong, China, marveled for his oil painting, traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. Mr. Wu Huan has inherited the knowledge of his predecessors and is honored as “a gifted scholar in the capital”.

Yu Xiaolun

Xiaolun has devoted himself to research on the creation of art and craft features on ceramics in Dongping kiln, one school of the Chinese ancient ceramics, prompting for the development of both Dongjiang painting school and Dongping kiln.

Li Li

Ms. Li Li is one of the most promising Chinese contemporary female painters. She experiences the nature via her unique female perspective.