New Opportunity for the International Promotion of Shaanxi

On the evening of September 14th, Shaanxi Culture Industry Promotion Association, Chinese Culture and Art International Organization (CCAIO) and Beijing Shengshi Hongwei Culture Investment Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation in the Golden Dragon Hotel in the ancient city, Suzhou, devoting for the international promotion of Shaanxi in culture, art, economy, tourism and other aspects via the integration of quality and high-end international resources.

In the strategic blueprint of “One Belt One Road”, Shaanxi Province is on the leading edge of the important node of the Silk Road Economic Belt. Shaanxi is not only the origin of the ancient Silk Road, but also the important hub of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge. It is now facing a major historical opportunity. The cooperation will take Shaanxi as a starting point and bring the Silk Road spirit of the peaceful cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win, to the world.

Shaanxi Culture Industry Promotion Association is a provincial cultural institution in Shaanxi, being responsible for the prosperity and development of the local cultural industries in Shaanxi.

CCAIO is jointly launched by the fifth-generation of the Rockefeller family, Mr. Steven C. Rockefeller Jr., and the Vice Chairman of International Council for Caring Communities (ICCC), Ms. Gong Tingyu, taking “Art﹒Communication﹒Peace” as the principle. It’s a high class platform, contributing to spread Chinese Culture and Art in the international society. It holds Chinese Culture and Art Exhibitions in different countries and areas every year, enhancing the art and cultural communications and cooperation between China and other countries, helping all the nations in the world to know and share the charm of the Chinese culture and art, and promoting the peace, cooperation& win-win in the world.

Mr. Steven Rockefeller II is an outstanding video artist. He is good at shooting natural scenery with the method of positioning via long lens. He takes the shooting objects as the theme to express the spirit harmony between human beings and nature. His works are collected by international renowned art institutions, consortiums and high level hotels. With the love of Chinese culture, Mr. Steven Rockefeller II will witness China’s great rejuvenation paces via the western mainstream people’s perspective. It has a profound international meaning.

Beijing Shengshi Hongwei Culture Investment Co., Ltd. is a large consulting company, focusing on the domestic and foreign cultural and artistic investment. It has a world-class creative 3D video team and multi domestic and international distribution channels. It has a long term exchanges with a number of international cultural and art organizations and institutes.

The cooperation is led by Shaanxi Cultural Industry Promotion Association. Mr. Steven Rockefeller II will be the Creative Director, and Beijing Shengshi Hongwei Cultural Investment Co., Ltd. will undertake the filming work. The final works will be broadcast in the international high-end mainstream channels via the platform of CCAIO.

The Co-Chairman of CCAIO, Ms. Gong Tingyu, signed the strategic cooperation letter of intent together with Ms. Liu Xiaolan, the Vice Chairman of Shaanxi Cultural Industry Promotion Association, and Ms. Chen Yingmin, the President of Beijing Shengshi Hongwei Cultural Investment Co., Ltd. Mr. Steven Rockefeller II attended the signing ceremony as well.


                                                                                        Author : FanLin  |  Translation : Brianna Pu