“Panda & Its Friends” Exhibition by Liu Zhong

May 12 - 15 at Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum


Tai Chi Panda in Snow Series 2019

Dimensions: 19.7 x 26.8” 


About Artist

Liu Zhong

Liu Zhong is a renowned Chinese artist. In the paintings of Liu Zhong, animals are his favorite; while among animals, pandas are ranked first, which long represented China symbolically. Liu Zhong’s pandas are always created as charmingly naive, gentle and harmonious, while conveying endless cultural codes and harmonious of China’s national spirit. The combination of traditional Chinese painting dyeing and western painting techniques shows Liu Zhong's  ability to bring out innovative artistic creativity along with a touch of unique humanistic feelings.

Over the years, Liu Zhong has been active internationally with the National Treasure Panda. He is famous overseas for his involvements in large-scale international cultural and sports events such as the Olympic Games, the World Expo, the Venice Biennale, which is known as the Olympics of the art world, and the Universiade, etc.. He is also actively connecting with artists from all over the world, learning from each other, promoting friendship and environmental protection, and promoting peace. His works have been selected to exhibit in France, United States, Japan and other countries, and have won numerous awards both in domestic and overseas.

Now Liu Zhong is currently the director of the China Artists Association, and he also keen in participating in environmental protection, disaster relief, poverty alleviation and other charity activities.