“China Culture & Art International”, the 1st-time exhibition in New York


On October 1, 2014, “ChinaCulture & Art International” exhibition, a long-lasting art interact and exchange project between the between representatives of contemporary Chinese art and internationally renowned art authorities, opened in Robert Livingston Manor in Germantown, New York. The exhibition was made possible by by the Chairman of Rose Rock Group Steven Rockefeller Jr. and the Vice-Chairman of ICCC (International Council for Caring Communities) Ms. Gong Tingyu, as well as advocacy from many well-knownChinaculture enthusiasts.

This Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition was held in Germantown, which is on the north of New York and 170 kilometers away. It’s located along the famous Hudson  River and the golden autumn is the best season. The well-known Hudson River School in the American art history started from here, and so it is with the Rockefeller family, who has an important impact on theUnited Statesand the world. It created the history of theUnited   States, and the Chinese art also will march towards the glory from here. The venue of the exhibition used to be Mr. Robert R. Livingston’s, a member of the Committee of Five that drafted the Declaration of Independence. Here is one of most desirable places to the top elite of American society. The guests presented by invitation all have prominent identities.

Chinese Culture is always an important component of World culture. Among the four great ancient civilizations, Chinese culture is also the only one that enjoys an uninterrupted development in the history. In Chinese culture, the classic Chinese painting has been its unique artistic demonstration form and style, playing an ingenious role in the global realm of art. In recent years, withChina's rapid economic growth,China's strength has gained more and more attention from the world.Chinahas also accelerated the pace of cultural transmission under the guide of the “peaceful rise” strategy. "Chinese culture going out" has generally become one strategy ofChina's peaceful rise.

Many Chinese arts have stepped out ofChinavia different media and forms, demonstrating the vitality and affinity ofChinato the world and broadcasting the excellence of Chinese culture. Those events and functions play an important role in the strategy of “Chinese culture going out” indeed. However, due to the ideological distinctions between the Chinese and Western cultures and the lack of supports and cooperation from the mainstream classes of Western society, these sorts of events and functions usually get half the result with twice the effort.

The “China Culture & Art International” exhibition is committed to promote the integration of Chinese culture into the West, broadcast the distinctive charm of classic Chinese painting, deepen the communication between the Chinese and Western Culture, and enhance the competitiveness and influence of Chinese arts in the world under the prerequisite that Chinese arts is known and acknowledged by the world.

This is the first time for the leading international VIPs to promote the Chinese art project. The exhibitions will be held for three to four times a year around the world, and each exhibition venue will be well-chosen to attract important figures in the Western world to participate. This is a new path for the internationalization of the Chinese art. We are not just tell the world what we want them to know. We first learn about the interest points to the excellent Chinese Culture of the western people, who masters the international art discourse rights, and then find out the flash point for the Chinese art going to World.

The first-time exhibition in New   York City last for seven days, with the theme of “Man and Nature”. It based on the ideology of “the unity of heaven and man” in the Chinese traditional culture. The participating artist included the famous paintings like Mark Cheung, Huang Yue, Li Li, Mr. Gao Yongsi, Wu Huan, Zeng Sheng, Yu Xiaochuan, Yu Xiaolun etc., as well as the Chinese silk master, Liao Chunmei.