CCAIO, CECH and GLG Group established the strategy cooperation relationship

On Apr. 2nd, 2015, the strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony between China Energy Construction Holding Group (CECH) and GLG Group, which is a holding company of the Nixon family (Soiltap Inc. is GLG’s executive company in China), was held at the lounge of Diaoyutai.  Co-Chair of CCAIO MsTingyu (Christine) Gong, Chairman of CECH Mr. Wang Liming, senior environmental expert Mr. Donald Nixon, and President of GLG Mr. Devon Nixon, attended the ceremony.  CECH and GLG signed the environmental technology cooperation agreement in the presence of Ms. Gong. The signing of the cooperation agreement indicated the establishment of the tripartite strategic partnership.

CCAIO is a high-end commonweal platform that devotes resources to promote the Chinese cultures and arts all over the world.  Aside from the international exhibitions, CCAIO also develops high-level international cooperation in the fields of art industry, public welfare, technological and economic industries. The partnership with CECH and GLA is a practice of CCAIO’s concept of “Art·Communication·Peace” as well.

The environmental section of CECH has been focusing on the investment and operation of water environment treatment, soil remediation, air pollution control projects.  Their cooperation with CCAIO and GLG is one important act for their five-year development strategy of the environmental investment industry.

GLG has committed to the environmental protection and the development of environmental energies.  With the world's cutting-edge technology and R & D strength in soil treatment, air pollution control and water environment treatment, GLG will introduce and provide more technical resources in the tripartite cooperation.  Both Mr. Donald Nixon and Mr. Devon Nixon expressed their appreciation for the cooperation with CCAIO and CECH at this time.  They hope to establish the Sino-US Environmental Technological Exchange Center together later, making practical applications of the cutting-edge technology of environmental protection to the environmental management and other fields of China, improving the severe environmental issues that endanger many people today, and to share the co-created achievement with the world.

According to the agreement to promote the implementation of the tripartite framework, they have joined hands to promote the rapid development of China's environmental protection industry.  The three sides have complementary advantages and share the resources at the same time.  The international resources of CCAIO and the influences of CECH, along with GLG’s most advanced technologies, may just be the catalyst to the success of future environmental protection industries worldwide.