Chairman Tingyu (Christine) Gong Hosted Cultural Session of 2015 Windsor Consultation

Windsor Consultation “Imagining the possible": Innovation for Urban Development, Sustainable Tourism, and Culture”, organized by the International Council for Caring Communities (ICCC), was launched in the famous St. George’s House of Windsor Castle on the afternoon of May 11th.  Ms. Tingyu (Christine) Gong, Co-Chair of CCAIO and Vice Chairman of ICCC, hosted this 3 day international working session.

ICCC organized the Consultation together with the partners and private sectors of the United Nations, within the framework of the global consultations on the United Nations Millennium and Sustainable Development Goals Post 2015-16 United Nations Habitat III, and in support of the 70thAnniversary.

As a part of the “Age of Connectivity: Cities, Magnets of Hope. Limitless Possibility.”, Dialogue Series which has addressed the challenges facing a rapidly urbanizing world since 1994, this consultation is composed of a non-traditional gathering of government representatives, private sector, entrepreneurs, educators, and experts to leverage their insights and expertise in addressing three major elements for enhancing “Better Living…Adding Life to Years “ by mainstreaming and connecting the dots between Innovation for Urban Development, Sustainable Tourism, and Culture.” The final outcome of the meeting will be compiled and presented to the UN General Assembly by the UN official. 

In the Break Out Session of Culture, Ms. Gong made a keynote presentation with the theme of “the sustainable cultural development”. She combined the ongoing CCAIO project and outlined her cultural understanding from the contents, patterns and significances of the theme. She called everyone's attention to the cultural industry and investment to enhance people's spiritual cultivation and promote cultural exchanges among different countries and regions, and help address the challenges of rapid urbanization to achieve the world peace.

Ms. Sandy Leung, the senior planning expert from China, made an introduction of the Wanfeng Valley project.  The case study helped everyone have a better understanding of how to maintain the culture of sustainability in urban construction, tourism, real estate development projects.