Ms. Christine Gong visited Sangpiling Temple in Gadan with the lineup

In late February, led by Dongui Living Buddha, the hierarch of Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism, Ms. Christine Gong, the Co-Chairman of CCAIO, visited Sangpiling Temple in Gadan with the lineup, planning the coming “Dream•Shambala” Sino-foreign Culture& Art Project.

Sangpiling Temple in Gadan, built in the 9th year of Emperor Kangxi in Qing dynasty, is one the thirteen temples of Gelug Sect in east Tibet and Kangba region constructed by 5th Dalai Lama with the government’s instruction. It’s called the lucky land& precious temple and considered as the holy land in local people’s heart of Xiangcheng County, Ganzi Zangzu Autonomous Prefecture. The temple is famous for its grand scale, distinct sculpture, great paintings and long history. There stands the largest Tsongkhapa indoor statue of Buddha, with a height of 33.3meters. The 10th Dalai Lama and the 3rd generation of Ganden Tripa, the great hierarch of Gelug Sect, were born in Xiangcheng County of Ganzi Zangzu Autonomous Prefecture.

“Dream•Shambala” Sino-foreign Culture& Art Project includes the art exhibition, culture dialogue, Shambala Photography etc. series of functions. The participants consist of world famous art organizations, artists and media. It’s proposed to be held during July to August, 2017. Due to the planning, CCAIO will cooperate with Kander’s, the well-known art institution in Taiwan, to hold an exhibition of Emperor Kangxi’s hand writings and Tangka etc. precious collections, which is expected to attract both domestic and oversea focuses.