Mr. Steven Jr. Rockefeller’s Photo and Fixed-frame Video Exhibition

CCAIO’s Co-Chairman Mr. Steven Jr. Rockefeller is a photographer and video artist with profound experience. He’s recorded and revealed the cultural characteristics of different regions around the world with his camera for decades, which includes the buildings& art collections of the Rockefeller family and the Chinese Zen buildings and gardens. His works have been collected by the world-famous museums and art institutions, and displayed in many exhibitions.

In May, 2015, Mr. Steven Jr. Rockefeller held his personal Photo and Fixed-frame Video Exhibition in a private manor in the west of Beijing. The exhibition created a sensation in the city, with endless visitors. The works were collected by the amateurs so that the organizer had to print extra copies temporarily.

During Mr. Steven Jr. Rockefeller’s stay in Beijing, he also went for a photograph-taking with the well-known artist, Mr. Wu Huan, in the Forbidden City.