CCAIO Visited Abu Dhabi and Attended Sino-Arabic Graphene Industry Summit

On Aug. 1st, 2016, CCAIO’s Co-Chairman Ms. Christine Gong and Creative Director, Miss Sophia Zhao, arrived in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and unfolded the visit together with the members of China International Graphene Industry Union(CIGIU).


Miss Sophia Zhao and CIGIU paid an official visit to Mr. He Song, the Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Abu Dhabi. Then, the delegation visited the environmental city, Masdar.

That evening, with the invitation of Sheikh Khalifa Bin Khalid Bin Ahmed Bin Hamed , the Chairman of Royal Diamonds Group, Ms. Gong, Miss Sophia Zhao and CIGIU were shown around the Palace and had the dinner with Sheikh Khalifa. During the dinner party, Ms. Gong introduced CCAO and CIGIU Sheikh Khalifa and invited him to visit China.

On Aug. 2nd, organized by Sheikh Khalifa Bin Khalid Bin Ahmed Bin Hamed Private Office and CIGIU, Sino-Arabic Graphene Industry Summit was held successfully in Emirates Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi, with the supports of CCAIO, China Public Diplomacy Association, China Cultural Media Group Limited and World Scientific Finance Group. In the summit, witnessed by both the domestic and foreign guests, Sheikh Khalifa and Mr. Gu Yan, the Executive Vice President of CIGIU, unveiled the Abu Dhabi Branch of CIGIU together. Meanwhile, Royal Diamonds Group and CIGIU Foundation also signed the agreement of the establishments of joint venture, manufacturing base of the second generation fiber products, as well as the Graphene R&D center in UAE.