Education needs global thinking


On the afternoon of October 21, jointly organized by Chinese Culture& Art International Organization and Mama Utopia, the "Planning and Cultivation of Next Generation Lecture" was successfully held in Beijing. Mr. Fang Xiaowei, the keynote speaker of the lecture, is a well-known US business and immigration lawyer, but what is more remarkable is his international perspective of the extraordinary educational experience and vision.

Both his children have gotten outstanding achievements in art, sport and academic fields, and they have admitted and awarded by the American top schools with ‪superior academic performances. His son won the champion in U.S. NCAA (Division 1) and was received by the U.S. President Barack Obama; while his daughter went to university after graduated from junior middle school. After graduated as a Jurise Doctor in UVA, she passed the Pennsylvania Bar Examination, and successfully entered the headquarters of the world's fifth law firm (Morgan Lewis).

In Layer Fang’s point of view, the ways Chinese and American parents love their children are quite different, especially for the parents of the previous generation in China. He thinks they considered too much for their children, but did not realize what their kids need really. "Parents should love less and more slowly. They need to keep children's desire for knowledge and stay hungry."

Education is of vital and lasting importance to a nation for the future development. As the globalization trend strengthens, the younger generation of parents usually feels confused and perplexed when facing the choice between international education and Chinese traditional education, and even being overcautious and indecisive. Through this seminar salon, CCAIO helps the new generation of parents to set up an international perspective of education, and to bring up their next generation with international consciousness, international social intercourse and competitive advantage with global thinking.