CCAIO Visited Thailand and Implemented Further Cooperation with Thai-Chinese Friendship Association


On Nov. 12th., Ms. Christine Gong, the Co-Chairman of CCAIO, led Ms. Ye Yu, the Partner and General Manager of Beijing Muzhen YuShang Culture Promotion Limited Company, to arrive in Bangkok, Thailand, together with other four colleagues. They conducted the first site visit of the development of Thai Dunhuang Cultural Park next day.

Mr. Korn Dabbaransi, the President of Thai-Chinese Friendship Association as well as the formal Vice Premier of Thailand, made a comprehensive introduction to the related project and venue. On Nov. 14th, Thai-Chinese Friendship Association, CCAIO and Beijing Muzhen YuShang Culture Promotion Limited Company signed the further framework cooperation agreement on the project.

As a base of tripartite researches and exhibitions of Buddhist and Dunhuang culture in Thailand, Thai Dunhuang Cultural Park will fully develop Dunhuang culture and multi-directional industry, implement cultural exchanges, thematic exhibitions, art and art derivative product trade, and construct the thematic tourist holiday zone to form a new cultural expression of it and further enrich the Thai Buddhist culture Connotation via broader perspective and field of study. The parties will conduct all-round cooperation in the following stage.

The countries along the ancient Silk Road had achieved long-term prosperity for it. Today, "One Belt, One Road", acceding to the Silk Road, will play the role as a channel between China and Southeast Asian countries, to promote friendly exchanges of civilizations and further deepen economic cooperation among China, Thailand and Southeast Asian countries.

For a long time, China and Thailand are close in geography, blood tier, and cultural interlinked as well. The friendly exchanges between China and Thailand have a long history. As an important form of the inclusive and open Buddhist culture, Dunhuang culture deeply roots in the two countries.

In this context, the parties will jointly work on the display and launching of Dunhuang Culture in Thailand, which will have an active meaning to enhance the exchanges and friendship between China and Thailand.