Ushering Of An Era Heralded By Great Art The Opening Ceremony Successfully Held In National Gallery, Thailand

Ushering Of An Era Heralded By Great Art The Opening Ceremony Successfully Held

In National Gallery,  Thailand

On May 8, 2017, the opening ceremony of “Ushering Of An Era Heralded By Great Art” The Art Of Dachan World Tour Exhibition was successfully held in National Gallery, Thailand. It’s the seventh stop for Master Dachan’s world tour exhibition, which has had the largest number of artworks on display as well as enjoyed the longest continuation so far. With nearly a hundred pieces of artworks, Master Dachan leads the audience into the beautiful world he experiences.


Mr. Anandha Chuchoti, Director General of The Fine Arts Department, Mr. Phnombootra Chandrajoti, Director of The Office of National Museum, Ms. Nitaya Kanokmongkol, Director of National Museum, Thailand, and H.E. Mr. Korn Dabbaransi, President of Thai-Chinese Friendship Association attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches separately. Meanwhile, many honorable guests from Thailand, mainland of China and Hong Kong etc. areas participated in the ceremony together. The exhibition and opening ceremony also attracted many well-known Chinese and Thai media’s reports, such as Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua. Net, TNN, Thai Post Newspaper, Thaicn.Net, ASEAN Economic Times, ASEAN TV, Thai National Television etc.

Chinese ink seems simple, but has its deep philosophical meaning. Ink painting on the white Xuan paper can turn out thousands levels of colors and senses of space, known as the "Chinese ink presenting five colors, with infinite variety". Master Dachan’s artistic sentiment and writing brush and ink are naturally express positivity and beauty to the world. We can read from his ink lotus and those colorful works.

Chinese characters are not just a kind of symbolic tool, but also carry a lot of Chinese cultural information, and thus, calligraphy has been considered as a unique Chinese art category since its creation. Master Dachan's calligraphy is completed in one go so that there is coherence in thought and unity in style. Especially his Baoxiang style calligraphy (stands for the treasure of Buddhism and portrait of Buddha), abstract but similar to ink painting, is so extraordinary refined, meaningful, full of Zen.

An excellent Chinese painting and calligraphy artwork usually consists of beautiful poetry, calligraphy, painting and stamp seal, which can all be fortunately found and appreciated among the artworks displayed this time.

For thousands of years, either the great Chinese artists or the world's great artists, they all have innate talent and consciousness. In the ultimate state of the thinking of the world and life, they know about the law of the universe, thoroughly integrating into the origin of life and realizing the harmony between man and nature. Therefore, they create the majestic, broad, spectacular, kind, compassionate and successful great art which can be handed down through the history, time and space. Its artistic style, appearance, and uncopied, irreplaceable, and non-analogized characteristics all play a positive role in the development of contemporary art.

Master Dachan has taken his works all over the country and then to the world in the past over twenty years. He expresses his sincerity and thanks-giving via his unique way of art, moving the audience and help them experience sympathy, purity, brightness and joy.