Embracing Nature, Pursuing The Beauty Of Art

A Summer Rendezvous

| Preface |

Christine Gong

Co-Chairman of Chinese Culture & 

Art International Organization (CCAIO)

Vice Chairman of International Council 

for Caring Communities (ICCC)

 Embracing Nature, Pursuing The Beauty Of Art


         When Steven C. Rockefeller Jr. and I launched CCAIO, we aim at pursuing peace via arts, eliminating the contradictions and conflicts of communications and understandings raising during the developments of different countries and regions, among different cultural traditions, and thus we also set it as our principle.  

          In nowadays, people usually attaches more attention to Steven for the presence as a golden aristocratic nobleman, for the wealth of his family's vast business empire, and for the related extraordinary influence in almost all areas of the world, but as a veteran photographer and video artist, he devotes himself all his life to pursue and express the beauty of art with his lens. Steven not only leads the art investment and collection in China, actively planning the layout of the cultural industry chain, but also conducted his photography and video art exhibitions in Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou etc. cities all over the world, displaying his craftsmanship. Surging clouds, wind, insect chorus, animal talk are the dominator of his video, integrating his emotional experiences and aesthetic ideas, revealing the delicate connection between the mind and the senses, and exploring the cognitive way of harmonious interaction between man and nature. Even though there are only all sorts of landscapes, a variety of animals,  rather than human beings in his art works, purity, sereneness, sweetness, persistence, resoluteness... all these excellent qualities spew out from them, which is exactly the wandering and Zen heart of a Western artist with great love.

Rockefeller's Art work

Rockefeller's Art work

Rockefeller's Art work

Rockefeller's Art work

Mr. Liu Zhong is a well-known painter of the art world and also a respected activist to the public welfare. He uses the writing brush to express his deep thinking of the ecological environment which is the traditional Chinese human feelings of the "harmony between people and nature". Meanwhile, he also devotes himself to the environmental protection publicity activities. Mr. Liu Zhong is well known to the world for his paintings of panda. He is nominated as the panda publicity ambassador of Ya’an County, Sichuan Province. He participates in the public welfare activities of the panda protection every year. In addition, He is also nominated a loving official title by the China Post Office which is the Honorary Director of Panda Post Office Chengdu. The "double treasure map" ——the national version of the naive panda post card has been published successfully. Last year, his panda art works have been invited to be sent to the space with the Long March VII carrier rocket and Shenzhou 11 spacecraft. This glorious achievement witnessed China's space industry and highlighting the self-confidence of Chinese culture. Mr. Liu's artistic style is very pure and unique. Through the eyes and the expressions of the animal in his work, audiences can discover a spiritual world and a nostalgic feeling of home. I can deeply feel the people, animals and nature, they are all part of the world when I appreciate his artwork. We have no reason not to cherish each other.

Liuzhong | Mo | 68x138cm | 2017年

Liuzhong | Mo | 68x138cm | 2017年

Liu Zhong | Qian | 68x138cm | 2017年

Liu Zhong | Qian | 68x138cm | 2017年

Obviously, Steven and Liu Zhong have shared the same theme of creation and artistic pursuits. Their works express an intimate heart towards nature, which interprets the magnificent, permanent and tolerance. Nature is not only the common subject for all human beings, but also the closest world where artists belong. Especially the influential artists like Steven and Liu Zhong are more capable to wake up people’s awareness of environmental protection around the world. Therefore, the concept of this art exhibition has surpassed purely artistic range. In the meantime of bringing art enjoyment to us, it also becomes a public welfare declaration of nature worship, life caring and environmental protection initiative for Sino-American artists. Honestly, both China and America have or had been experiencing the environment pressures. However, both countries, from government to the public, have reached a consensus on environmental protection. The highly attention to environmental protection as well as great efforts devoted by two great nations, will certainly benefit global humankind and the beautiful mother earth we rely on for survival.

Rockefeller's Art work

Rockefeller's Art work

Liuzhong | Xiao | 68x138cm | 2017年

Liuzhong | Xiao | 68x138cm | 2017年

On the occasion of The World Environment Day approaching, as the Co-Chairman of CCAIO and the Vice-Chairman of ICCC, I sincerely salute the people of all circles for their concentration on environmental protection, and wish great success to the art exhibition of Mr. Steven C. Rockefeller Jr. and Liu Zhong!

Rockefeller's Art work

Rockefeller's Art work

Liuzhong | Xi | 68x138cm | 2017年

Liu Zhong, born in Beijing, in 1968, got his bachelor degree of French and master degree of formative arts from the French ministry of education. He serves as the director of communications department in the China Artists Association, deputy secretary-general and standing director of Chinese Painting Institute, senior director of The Central State Organs Federation of Youth, the standing director of Beijing Youth, the honorary director of "Panda Post Office" of China Post in Chengdu, and the honorary director "The First Pass Under Heaven- Shanhaiguan of Great Wall" in China post. He is also the publicity ambassador of Panda Blood, Panda in Ya’an and Mother Well of water protection. Liuzhong’s art works have been chosen to exhibit in overseas countries like France, the United States, Russia, Egypt, Canada, Spain, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Singapore, Japan, Monaco, Latvia, Mongolia , etc., winning many prizes in the domestic and oversea exhibitions He was also invited to hold solo art exhibitions in many large recreational events ,such as the 29th Beijing Olympic Games, the 53rd Venice Biennale Exhibition, the 46th Shanghai World Expo, the 26th Shenzhen World Universidad, the 30th London Olympic Games etc.

Steven C. Rockefeller Jr., born in 1969 in New York State, is the founder, chairman and CEO of RoseRock Group. He is the grandson of former vice President, Nelson Rockefeller, and received a Fulbright Award in recognition of his dedicated service to poverty alleviation and longstanding support of micro-credit programs. Steven C. Rockefeller, Jr. is also a photographer and video artist.  His art works have been exhibited in the well-known American museums and cultural institutions. He devotes himself to the art exchanges between Chinese and American cultures. He loves Chinese art works and insists on learning Chinese calligraphy and painting. 


A Summer Rendezvous

-- The Art Exhibition of

Liu Zhong Steven C. Rockefeller Jr.



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Chinese Painting Institute,

Zhonglian Guoxing Calligraphy and Painting Institute,

Chinese Culture& Art International Organization,

Fujian Artists Association, Xiamen Art Museum



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The research institute of Eight Eccentrics in Yangzhou, China

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Fujian Ziyang Painting House,

Bao Yixuan

Ban Xianju

The General Chamber of Commerce of the Fujian Enterprise of Beijing

The General Chamber of Commerce of Fujian Enterprise of Suzhou


The Opening Ceremony

Held In

Fujian San Yuantang cultural media co., Ltd

3:00 PM, June 3, 2017

 The Exhibition

From June 3 to 7, 2017

A Hall, 2nd Floor of Xiamen Art Museum

(No.95, Sports Road, Siming district, Xiamen, Fujian)