CCAIO Visited Windsor Castle Again Raised A Peace Initiative

On May 18, 2017, the Windsor Consultation: Imagining the Possible “Cities, Culture and Media” was formally launched in St. George’s House of Windsor Castle in UK. Within the framework of support for the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal Agenda and the New Urban Agenda, the International Council for Caring Communities (ICCC) has organized an international working session composed of a non-traditional gathering of governmental representatives, business leaders, educators, media and urban experts from China, Geneva, Britain, America, Poland, Canada, Russia etc. countries. 

The focus of the Windsor Consultation is to leverage their insights and expertise in addressing three major elements for enhancing “Better Living…Adding Life to Years” by connecting the dots for “Cities, Culture and Media.” The Consultation will also explore how a holistic approach, enhanced by technology, can help to facilitate the improvement of urban development, youth empowerment and enhance inclusive economic growth. Recommendations will be reviewed by the relevant organizations including the Commonwealth Secretariat and United Nations bodies. 

As the Co-Chair of the cultural session, Ms. Christine Gong, Chairman of CCAIO, attended the event and made a keynote speech of “Culture Enhances Urban& Rural Developments”. She took cultural heritage and exchange as the fulcrum, combined with China's urban development, the characteristic town construction etc. specific cases, explained the culture is the basis and huge internal impetus of urban development with her own personal experience and what CCAIO continued making efforts to. China's characteristics towns caused the guests’ widely endorsements and concerns.

Meanwhile, Ms. Christine also raised a peace initiative of making more investments in peace related industries. Humans fought with animals etc. in order to survive in primitive society; then, they have been fighting for land and power. The reason why the war related industries are attractive is they can bring great profits. When the new era comes, the culture and technology have blurred the boundaries of the border and interpersonal boundaries. Many factors leading to the war are declining gradually, which is conducive to the realization of the ultimate peace for all mankind. It is also hoped that the governments of every country in the world would stick to the peace direction. More and more people can engage in. Then, wars will be stopped and peace will be promoted and realized.