Steven Rockefeller & Cao Jun Collaborate on artwork of Bahamas Landscape


Mr. Steven Rockefeller Jr. is co-chairman of CCAIO, recently collaborated with Cao Jun, a renowned artist to create an installation “breath of earth” in U.S.. This installation creatively combined the motion video with static oil painting to bring people an fresh artistic enjoyment.


In this installation, the surging waves near Bahamas was shot by Steven keep lapping against the verdure and majestic mountains which then was drawn by Cao Jun. The sparkling and splendid and presents the vivid views of Bahamas’ mountains and the ocean to people with soliciting their imaginations wander.


For the collaboration, Cao Jun sojourned in U.S.. In his artworks, there are a mixture of Chinese artistic conception of Song Dynasty, and western artistic style of abundant dynamic coloring. A well-known art critic Professor John Sallis stated that “Cao Jun is one of the most outstanding artists whose artworks not only expressed the western philosophy but also kept original Chinese culture.” 

His artworks were collected by both individuals and institutional collectors worldwide, in addition he was also rewarded the Gold Award in Carrousel Louvre Salon 2013 in Paris. In February 2018, the artwork “Breath of Earth” will be featured in Cao Jun solo exhibition held in Boston College Museum.