CCAIO was invited to attend the World Finance Forum

Co-Chairman of CCAIO, Mr. Steven Rockefeller was delivering a speech.

Co-Chairman of CCAIO, Mr. Steven Rockefeller was delivering a speech.

On Apr. 22nd., Co-Chairman of CCAIO, Mr. Steven Rockefeller was invited to attend the World Finance Forum(Spring Meeting) - Belt and Road Coooperation Beijing Forum, and made a keynot speech. Hereinafter share his speeches with everyone:

Distinguished Feng Xingke, Director and Secretary General of CBGG, and Marc Uzan, Executive Director and Founder of RBWC. It is with great pride and utmost appreciation that I am with you today for this seminal event: Belt and Road Cooperation Beijing Conference.

My relation to this underlying Standardization Cooperation Launch Forum is by virtue of my service as a member of the Board of Directors of UBI Blockchain Internet. At UBI, we are maintaining a commitment to share our technology with developing regions of the global economy. As such we understand our defined role and overall priority to establish contemporary advancement in globalization through blockchain, AI, VR, and AR in finance, agriculture, healthcare, as well as attendance to authenticity and ease of transaction in the creative sphere of art and music. Clearly, in the current age, progress between economic union will depend upon employment of reliable systems for data transactions and contractual ease. With the opportunities that will come to regions availing themselves of standardized frameworks, we can expect a continued increase in the rate of historic industrialization. The human benefit from improved livelihood is also simultaneously shared through expanding markets and for an appealing desired outcome of natural societal benefit.

At its essence I have come to learn and am so impressed that “The Belt and Road Initiative” is a clear model for cooperation through agreements and investment in infrastructure sure to create tens of millions of new jobs. In the same way, a century and half ago, Mr. Rockefeller strived to make order in the chaotic birthplace for the oil industry of mid-western America known as the oil regions. Mr. Rockefeller, a man of extraordinary attention to systems and records, himself envisioned and effected what he specifically described as a “cooperative” plan to insure the requirement of scale and consistency of pricing. While this strategy, resulting in the consolidation of 90% of refinery capacity, had an economic driver, Mr. Rockefeller always held that the key to success was identification of services that others most require for their family’s betterment. In the case of Standard Oil, this was the provision of an affordable and reliable illuminant for kerosene lamps. His venture was expansive with 75% of total output shipped internationally and as far back as the 1870’s lamps gifted and oil delivered by camel in far reaching stretches of your land. During this period, the Standard Oil network comprised 50% of total U.S. exports to China. Just as BRI will succeed by supporting local communities in ways that are mutually beneficial, so too did Mr. Rockefeller in his day, as a confirmed country boy, know well that enhanced home light would have the pronounced benefit of higher education.

Mr. Rockefeller’s grandson, my grandfather, the honorable Nelson A. Rockefeller, 41st Vice President of the United States, maintained throughout his career a distinct commitment, like BRI, to regional cooperation - in his case through Latin American economic development. Again, as with the BRI inclusive vision, amazingly now reaching well over 100 countries and 60% of the global populations, my grandfather believed in sharing best practices internationally. He knew that stronger local markets garnered good international relations. In his own words, and I quote:

“Increasingly I believe that our advances toward unity must now extend to action between regions as well as within them.” For generations, good relations have ensued from my grandfather’s efforts. I know from a recurrent visits to Mexico and Argentina where the glowing expanse of his wake is ever present.

It is true that we need new models for regional cooperation, but ones still which take advantage of successes past. Technology can be our thoroughfare easily adapted by citizens the world over. Compassion can be our guiding light, wisdom from centuries of Chinese civilization, our beacon for unity and peace. Wishing you all great advancement along the lines of each of your journeys to support one another!