Chinese Landscape

Chinese landscape drawing accounts for the heaviest precipitation of Chinese people’s emotion and thoughts. The cultural awareness of sightseeing in the mainland of China, the inner endeavor to be as reliable as mountains and as flexible as water, and the visual illusion consciousness of so near and yet so far, have always been the main axis of interpretation for the landscape drawing. In those paintings, we can have a concentrated appreciation of Chinese paintings’ moods, styles, spirits and hues. No other category of paintings can endow the Chinese people with so much emotion as the landscape drawing has done.

Mr. Yu Xiaochuan paints in a natural and plain style. His works are spiritedly ingenious as he values the concept of “learning from nature”. His painting works, with the ink glamour of Song dynasty, are as extensive and deep as the works in Song dynasty as well. Even more notably, Xiaochuan draws out the distinctive style of the times with the traditional ink brush. His study on ancient masters has helped him to inherit the tradition of the excellent Chinese traditional culture, which will also prove to be the premise toward greater success.